User interfaces

SmartLiving takes care of buildings, homes and people

We offer intuitive user interfaces for both building management and resident needs. Our applications are developed in co-operation with real users to ensure the best possible experience and functionalities for our customers.

One system to manage the whole building

The SmartLiving building management tool is our all-in-one system for all building management needs. The system has been designed in co-operation with housing association board members and property managers – to ensure that you find exactly the right information in the right place.

Our building management tool offers you a way to track your building’s energy consumption data and stay up to date with resident satisfaction and any maintenance needs. Automated alarms for abnormalities, such as water leakages, and deviations in for example water consumption, ensure that you are able to react efficiently and avoid expensive repair costs.

Take a look

SmartLiving building management tool

Monthly report

In addition to the web-based tool the SmartLiving system sends out a monthly e-mail report that updates you on the most relevant statistics from the past month. Depending on the chosen services, you receive an overview of electricity, water and heat consumption trends or temperature and humidity measurements.

SmartLiving email report

Your home in one app

As a SmartLiving Home resident, our mobile app keeps you up to date with all things regarding your home and building. Depending on the chosen services, you can for example monitor your home’s indoor climate and keep track of how much electricity, water and heat you are consuming. Our app also offers a convenient way to communicate directly with your housing association’s board and maintenance company in case of any abnormalities or inconveniences.

SmartLiving resident app