Smart Home

Join the pioneers of smart living

Our smart home services are based on years of experience with pilot cases and user studies on smart technologies. Our mission is to bring next generation solutions to apartments and buildings already today. Our smart home services are available for both new buildings and existing housing associations.

Easy and effortless living

For us, smart home means easy and effortless everyday life – that you don’t have to spend time on small, ordinary tasks, such as switching off lights and devices when you go to bed. Homes becoming more intelligent should not complicate your life, but make it more comfortable and convenient.

Smart home means easy and effortless everyday life

Create the home of your dreams

Our smart home solutions are based on the SmartLiving Hub, that acts as the heart of the apartment. The hub connects your lights, devices and sensors into one entity, your very own smart home, that you can monitor and control through one mobile application. As a SmartLiving resident, you can connect and use which ever smart lights and devices fit your needs the best.

Our smart home solutions are based on the SmartLiving Hub

Your home in one app

As a SmartLiving Home resident you can control all your smart home devices and lights with just a click through one application.

Lighting Control icon

Lighting control

Always the right lighting – with just a click. SmartLiving makes it easy for you to control all the lights in your home and create the perfect mood for every situation.

Our solution is compatible with all major smart lighting systems, such as Philips HUE, Ikea Trådfri and Osram Lightify. Choose your own favorites, connect them to SmartLiving and make the most out of your smart lights.

Device Control icon

Device control

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to worry about whether or not you turned off the coffee machine? Or to open your window blinds to beautiful sunlight from the comfort of your bed?

With the help of smart plugs and SmartLiving, you are able to turn electrical devices on and off regardless of where you are. This way you can make sure that no devices are switched on unnecessarily, and won’t waste electricity.

Temperature Control icon

Temperature control

Not too hot, not too cold – but just right. We all have our own ideal living temperature that makes our home feel the most comfortable.

With smart thermostats installed, you are able to control the temperature of your home to fit everyone’s own preferences. It also enables you to lower temperature when you are away – and thus save energy.

Scenes icon

Pre-defined scenes

Does controlling your devices and lights separately still feel like too much work? We’ve got you.

With pre-defined scenes, such as Home and Away we have made it easy for you to tell your SmartLiving home know what to do with just a flick of a switch, on the app or on your wall.

Home Automation icon

Pre-installed home automation

It all comes down to making your life easier. Pre-installed automation takes away your pain of creating complex rules and timings for your home – we’ve already done that for you.

Our solution enables for example Human Centric Lighting, that adjusts to people’s daily rhythms and can improve well-being and productivity.


Create your own SmartLiving service package to fit your needs

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Optimize heating

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Monitor energy usage

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Secure your property value

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