Condition Monitoring

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Our condition monitoring services are designed to bring security for both building management and residents. They keep an eye on the well-being of apartments and the whole building.

Everything fine in the building

Smart sensoring ensures that everything is fine in each apartment of your building Рeven when residents are away, on a holiday for example. In the case of faults or risk of danger SmartLiving sends alerts to both building management and resident. Fast and accurate responses to faults result in less service visits Рand thus reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Our condition monitoring services can also include indoor air quality sensors providing valuable knowledge on the quality of air that residents breath.

Everything is fine in each apartment of your building
Fire Alarms icon

Fire alarms

With smart fire alarms installed, resident receives a notification in the SmartLiving application in case of a fire. Quick access to information is very important in dangerous situations and can help in minimizing damages, especially when residents are away.

Water Leakage Alarms icon

Water leakage alarms

Water leakage sensors are installed under dishwashers or sinks. They help detect leakages and excess moisture before they can cause major damage to not only one apartment, but the whole building. SmartLiving app sends out a notification in case of a leakage to the resident to ensure quick information flow.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring icon

Indoor air quality monitoring

Indoor air quality can be monitored with several different measurements. The most common ones included in our services are:

  • CO2 monitoring
  • TVOC monitoring (Total amount of Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • PM2.5 monitoring (small particles)
  • Pressure difference monitoring

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