Heating optimization

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Heating costs produce most of the annual costs for housing associations. As traditional heating systems often end up wasting energy, these costs rise higher than necessary. Excessive usage of energy is bad for building owner’s wallets – and the environment.

SmartLiving presents next generation heating control. With sensors constantly measuring indoor temperatures of each apartment we are able to optimize the building’s entire heating system according to these measurements, weather forecast and calculated heating demand.

“Our heating optimization service is a completely new type of household service. Installing the SmartLiving sensors takes just minutes and requires no actions from the customer.”

Anne Salonen, Head of Customer Experience – Fortum SmartLiving

Next generation heating control

Average housing association saves 10% in heating costs

In our heating optimization service, a mathematical model of the building is optimized according to outdoor weather forecast, indoor temperatures of apartments and the calculated heating demand. This allows the heating system to utilize heating energy produced by sunlight during spring. In practice, the benefits of the service are reflected in the significant reduction of the need for heating energy – and thus lower costs.

“The best thing about SmartLiving is that the heating costs for our building have decreased by 13% in less than a year.”

Satu Lind, As Oy Espoon Kilonhovi

Average housing association saves 10% in heating costs

Better living conditions for residents

Uneven temperatures and poor indoor air quality can significantly decrease living comfort and can even be dangerous to residents’ health in the long run. With our heating optimization service, you can ensure even indoor temperatures for all apartments – all while taking residents’ wishes into consideration.

Heating Optimization Resident Benefits

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