Helsinki is getting its first two high towers soon and each apartment is equipped with the Fortum SmartLiving system. For the residents this gives the opportunity to track their electricity and water consumption and monitor indoor temperature and humidity.

Measurable living – SmartLiving service equips residents for more sustainable living in the Kalasatama high towers

Many of us track our steps, sleep and heart rate – but how many of us do the same for our home’s electricity and water consumption? Building developer SRV‘s high towers in Helsinki’s Kalasatama, Majakka & Loisto, offer this opportunity by default.

Fortum SmartLiving system will already be installed and ready to use once the residents move into their new homes in the towers. After a quick registration residents can monitor their electricity and water consumption as well as their apartment’s real time temperature and humidity with one smart phone application. When you know how much energy you use, you can also affect your cost of living. For the housing association SmartLiving brings help to building management and maintenance with alarms and data analytics. Pretty smart, right?

Cut costs by raising consumption awareness

In the Kalasatama towers SmartLiving service is included in the monthly maintenance charge. Fortum SmartLiving Sales Director Timo Kivi states that the service can help with keeping living costs in check.

– We have spent two years studying this in our pilot project in Stockholm Royal Seaport. There we found out that the group that was using SmartLiving decreased their electricity consumption approximately ten percent and water consumption around six percent during the research period. SmartLiving offers a concrete way to affect your own living costs and also the environmental impact you make.

Fortum SmartLiving marketing coordinator Taru Kuusisto has given a lot of thought to the values and purpose of SmartLiving from the perspective of residents. Growing awareness of the state of our planet and climate has increased the need for tools that could help us decrease our own carbon emissions.

– The most important benefit of our service is the awareness of one’s own electricity and water consumption. With the help of SmartLiving the residents of Majakka and Loisto can better understand their consumption patterns and thus impact their own consumption behavior – which in turn has an impact on the carbon footprint they leave behind.

Versatile measuring and monitoring benefits the entire housing association

For housing associations SmartLiving is the handyman of maintenance companies and care takers of the digital age. According to Timo Kivi housing association representatives have their own SmartLiving user interface that offers an overview of consumption data from the whole building and apartment-level data on indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Monitoring this data is very useful to housing associations as possible deviations and abnormalities can be spotted easier and faster.

Smart solutions help identify maintenance needs more easily early on and reduce the need for manual fault detection. This way, the extent and cost of any repair needs are reduced. Timo Kivi points out that digitalization will enable a significant change in the operating practices of housing associations.

– Many associations still work under the traditional formula. However, advanced developers like SRV are bringing SmartLiving and other similar solutions to housing associations.

Digitalization and sustainable living go hand in hand

A conscious consumer often looks for concrete data to help reduce their own impact on our climate. Together with technology, modern living solutions solve many basic ecological issues and make choosing the environmentally friendly option easier.

The high towers in Kalasatama are a prime example of how one can live in the city close to nature and versatile services while enjoying the sense of community by utilizing all the various common spaces in the buildings. Taru Kuusisto explains, that Fortum and SRV are working together to figure out what kind of smart living services are most desired and needed in the future.

– We develop our SmartLiving services constantly and aim to incorporate solutions that bring genuine benefits to both our customers and our planet. In the future residents can add additional functionalities to our service according to their own interests and needs. Our goal is to make living more comfortable and sustainable for all SmartLiving-residents.

What seems to us to be the fluency of everyday life is often also an ecological solution. Intelligent Home enables you to monitor your energy consumption so you can optimize both your own actions and your home according to your goals and values.

The most convenient solutions are often also the most sustainable. A smart home enables monitoring of your own energy consumption so that you can optimize and adjust your own actions and your home according to your values and priorities.

Original text was published on SRV’s website 11.04.2019 in Finnish.