Espoon Kilonhovi housing association saved up to 13% in district heating expenses in one year

Building year
up to 13%
Savings in heating expenses

Espoon Kilonhovi is a 79-apartment housing association in located in Espoo Finland. They have faced various issues with high annual heating costs and uneven temperature in apartments. To fix these problems, they started using the Fortum SmartLiving heating optimization service in December 2017. The SmartLiving heating optimization service continuously measures temperature and humidity from each apartment and based on this information adjusts the right amount of heating energy for that instant, also taking the outdoor weather forecast into consideration.

“The best thing about SmartLiving is that the heating costs for our building have decreased by 13% in less than a year.”

Satu Lind
Espoon Kilonhovi Housing association

“After hearing about the SmartLiving service through one of our board members, we begun to research what kind of benefits and extra costs the service could bring to our housing association. After weighing the benefits and the price, we wanted to give the service a go – as the benefits seemed so substantial.”, says Kilonhovi’s chairman of the board Satu Lind.

Smart heating control system brought long wanted savings

According to Satu Lind, the two major causes for high heating costs were the significant differences in apartment indoor temperatures and large lobby spaces, that have always been kept too warm. Attempts to adjust the heating system manually to lower temperatures in stairwells did not produce desired results. The new smart heating system came as a saving grace.

“”The best thing about the service is that the district heating costs for our building have decreased by 13% in less than a year”, Satu Lind points out. The monthly email report also receives praises. “As the chair of the board, the report keeps me up to date whether or not apartment temperatures and humidity meet the recommended level. I can also check up on resident feedback regarding these.”

Residents are satisfied with even temperatures

In addition to savings Satu Lind has also received thanks from residents due to considerably more even temperatures in their homes. Before the association started using the optimization service were differences in temperatures significant – during winter the coldest apartments only had temperatures of approximately 18 to 20 degrees, whereas the hottest ones had measurements of over 26 degrees. “At first our residents were worried that we as the board had made an investment in something completely useless. But after getting results very quickly we started receiving praises and thanks. After the initial learning period residents of apartments that were previously too hot or cold have been satisfied.”