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Create your own Fortum SmartLiving service package that takes care of your building for you and helps you optimize energy usage – while saving both money and the environment.

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Optimize heating

Discover a new, smarter way to heat your building – with living comfort always in mind

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Monitor energy usage

Take control of your building’s electricity, water and heat consumption with continuous data monitoring

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18 000+
Apartments connected
Average annual savings
~3 years
Average payback period

Espoon Kilonhovi housing association saved up to 13% in district heating expenses in one year

”Once the service was adopted, we began to receive praises very quickly and after the initial learning period residents of the apartments that were previously too hot, or too cold, have been satisfied.”

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Over 18 000 apartments are using Fortum SmartLiving

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Discover a new, smarter way to heat your building

Heating is often the largest yearly expense for housing association. With smart technology your building’s heating is adjusted in real-time to minimize energy waste – all the while ensuring comfortable living conditions for all residents.

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Next generation heating control
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Versatile data on energy usage to support decision-making

Comprehensive information on electricity, water and energy consumption helps your housing association to save up to 7 % in annual energy expenses. With continuous data monitoring you can react without delay to any abnormalities or deviations in consumption.

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Consumption Monitoring

Energy industry forerunner and our vast partner network are at your service

SmartLiving services are technology independent and can be integrated with all leading smart technology vendors’ products and building automation systems. We offer a solution for optimizing energy usage and living comfort that directly benefits both the residents and the housing association.

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